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Our History


According to the dictionary (Winston), history is a narrative of events; arranged in due order, usually with comments and explanations; a record of the past handed down to succeeding generations.  In the Gospel of St. Luke 1: 1-4, we read these words –For as much as many have taken in hand to act forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us, even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word; it seemed good to me also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, to write unto thee...etc.  It is with the same spirit that this writer has set forth to confirm the origin and growth of the St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church.


One morning while recuperating from a heart attack, the late Rev. C. J. R. Phillips, Sr., was moved by the Lord to go to the Cedar Temple Baptist Church in Singing Hills, (on the corner of Singing Hills and Redbird Lane) and talk with the pastor, Rev. Martin, in regards to purchasing the church.  Rev. Martin informed Rev. Phillips that the church was selling for the sum of $120,000.00.  Our late pastor realized he had nothing with which to purchase the church but the Lord.  He realized that the Lord said, "If I am for you, I'II be more than the whole world against you."  He therefore stepped out on faith and on the promise of the Lord.  After much consideration and forethought, Rev. Martin called his trustee, Mr. Sealy to see what could be worked out in order for Rev. Phillips and his congregation to purchase the church.


Finally, they decided if Rev. Phillips could get twenty families to join St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church, they could probably work something out.  Thanks to God they got the twenty families and the church was purchased.


Thanks be to those PIONEERS the late Rev. C. J. R. Phillips, Sr., Rev. C. J. R. Phillips, Jr., Rev. A. D. R. Phillips, Sr., Mr. Sammy G. Kennedy and former Deacon Earl Martin, who made it possible for us to have the beautiful building in which we serve the Lord.


Rev. C. J. R. Phillips, Sr., passed away October 9, 1977 while preaching the Homecoming Sermon ("The Cause of Homecoming") in Honey Grove, Texas, his hometown.  In October 1977, Rev. C. J. R. Phillips, Jr., became pastor of St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church and Rev. A. D. R. Phillips, Sr., was appointed Co- Pastor.


In October 2011, the Lord gave Pastor Phillips a vision to renovate the church.  This renovation began immediately after our 49th Church Anniversary.  The renovation included new pews in the sanctuary, enlargement of pulpit, new pulpit furniture, redesign of choir gallery, new furniture for choir gallery, installation of video screen, establishment of audio/video room, installation of new carpet for sanctuary, replaced carpet with tile in the hallways and the Pastor's office.  The Finance Office was relocated and this office was redesigned to accommodate the audio/video room.  On December 18, 2011, we held our Church Renovation Ribbon Cutting and Entrance Ceremony.  Bishop Ray Campbell, of the Ideal Family Church was our guest Pastor and speaker.


We entered the 2012 year praising God for his bountiful blessings as we continued to celebrate our renovation.  During the month of March 2012, a Service of Dedication Revival was held at the church.  Our theme was: "Remembering God's House", Haggai 2:3. Our guest Pastor and speaker for March 7, 2012 was Rev. Craig White, Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Christ.  Our guest Pastor and speaker for March 14, 2012 was Rev. Mack Fleming, Pastor of Freedom Missionary Baptist Church and our guest Pastor and speaker for March 21, 2012 was Rev. Anthony Nolan, Pastor of Paradise Missionary Baptist Church.


On March 25, 2012 at 3:00 in the afternoon, we climaxed our Service of Dedication.  City Officials, CEOs, Former and Current members joined in this celebration.  Our guest Pastor and speaker was Rev. David Henderson, Pastor of Greater Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. We climaxed the day with an excellent reception in the Rev. C. J. R. Phillips, Sr. Fellowship.


God continued to show favor to the Saint Phillips Missionary Baptist Church Family during the year of 2018.  Pastor Phillips and the Saint Phillips Missionary Baptist Church included another chapter in history.  Pastor Phillips, Chairman of the National Evangelical Board of the National Baptist Convention of America was selected to serve as Host Pastor for the 108th Session of the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America. It was an awesome task but, with the help of his wife, two Co Hosts, Saint Phillips Missionary Baptist Church Family, and friends, the convention was highly successful. Thanks be to God for the dedication, loyalty and labor of those who participated.


Pastor Phillips continues to preach the word of God, compelling men, women and children to give their lives to Christ. Our prayer is that God add to the church such as should be saved.  Church Family and Friends let us continue to give thanks to God in all things for this is the will of God. Hold on to God’s unchanging hands and always remember:  “The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end” (Ecc.9:11). May we all seek to glorify God in all things we do. Praise God for 57 years of Moving Forward by Faith. 

Let us continue to march on until victory is won!

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