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Seniors / Retirees Ministry


Howard Finney, Chairperson

Seniors / Retirees Ministry

Maybe you have been waiting for the right time, the right motivation or something else.  May I remind you that “this is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  May we introduce you to one of the most active groups within our Church Family!  Always on the move, with fellowships and day-trips, the Seniors/Retirees definitely enjoys their time together in and out of Church.


The Seniors Ministry of St. Phillips Baptist Church meets monthly.  We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of older Christians by ministering to their changing needs and equipping them for greater service to the Lord.

This is a special ministry for the senior adults of our church, the ones who remember the good old days and the not-so-good old days. Plans for the senior include several functions at the church weekly. There are loads of fun, food, fellowship, and bushels of good humor. We are involved in many different activities such as:  Bible class, Bible quizzes, games, lunch trips, movies, field trips, guest speakers, exercise sessions, and many more. 

We encourage all members, 60 and over and/or retirees, to become a part of this exciting group.  Whether you would like to volunteer to work with the Ministry or would like to benefit from the group activities, you are welcome.  Your skills, abilities and maturity are needed.  You may have many more years to serve the Lord and mankind.

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